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Four great recipes before going to bed, beauty and physical strength

Four great recipes before going to bed, beauty and physical strength

TCM health experts believe that the back, ridge, bones, and abdomen are important health care zones for the human body.

Strengthening the exercise of these parts can promote blood circulation, regulate the breath, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging the disease.

The following set of methods for aiming, spine, arm and abdomen exercise is simple and effective, and is suitable for couples to practice before going to bed.

  · Pushing a stomach prone to the edge of the bed, going to the pillow, twisting the head and relaxing the upper limbs.

The other person stands on the side of the bed, facing the head of the prone person, with the legs separated by a small bow step, with the fingers folded, and placed side by side on the top of the prone (note that the palm and hips are close, the tip of the hand is facing the waist)Then, the strength of the waist and legs is applied to the forearms and palms. The force is moderate, pushing forward and entering the skin of the buttocks. The muscles move rapidly with the palms in an instant, pushing from top to bottom and pushing to the waist.

  After pushing 10 times, let the prone person continue to prone in the opposite direction and push it 10 times according to the above method.

Finally, the operator makes a fist in his right hand and beats the buttocks’ hips with his wrist, and beats it from top to bottom several times.

  Modern medicine has confirmed that there are a large number of “combatant” immune cells under the human skin. By pushing back, these immune cells can be activated to clear the meridians, ventilate blood, reconcile the organs, and relieve the pain.

  · Chiropractic person lying prone on the bed, exposing the entire buttocks, the other person with the thumb of the hands, the index finger and the middle finger gently pinch the skin of the prone, along the two sides of the spine, from the lower end of the spine (sound) boneAt the beginning, slowly squeeze the skin forward and push it to the highest vertebrae under the neck.

  After pushing it twice, starting from the 3rd pass, lift the skin diagonally upwards for every 3 shots. If the formula is correct, you can hear a slight sound at the second to fifth lumbar vertebrae.

So push it, push it 4-6 times a day.

Finally, the operator uses the thumb of both hands to press the Shenshu point on both sides of the waist of the prone person (opened under the spinous process of the second lumbar spine).

5 inches) minutes.

  Long-term adherence to chiropractic exercise can dredge the meridians, invigorate the yang, and adjust the function of the organs.

  · The armpit of the human body contains abundant blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes.

If someone touches the arm socket with your hand, the person who is touched will laugh. This movement is called “arm and arm movement” by experts.

It is more feasible to do this exercise between husband and wife.

One party can slap the other side when not paying attention, touch his arms and arms, become laughter, or often caress, gently scratch the other’s elbow, to shift the smile to open.

  The mystery of the armpit movement is mainly in two points: 1.

By stimulating the nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes here, it can promote the regulation of neurohumoral fluid, thereby promoting the body to secrete some hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine that are beneficial to the body;

It is the arm that can make people laugh, and laughter can reduce fatigue and tension, and improve the body’s immunity.

  · This method of exercise can be operated by two people and also by self.

The operator is required to lie flat on the bed before going to bed, rub his hands, then put his hands on the abdomen, and massage the abdomen 20 times in a clockwise direction around the navel.

Then massage the abdomen 20 times in the counterclockwise direction in the same way.

Pay attention to the strength when you massage.

  Modern medicine has confirmed that adherence to the abdomen can not only promote the circulation of venous blood and lymph, improve the healing function, but also stimulate the peripheral nerves, promote the body’s metabolism, prevent and reduce the formation and accumulation of a small number of pregnant women.