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(China) Urban Academic Year, 2021 "Announcement (No. 3)

Release time: 2021-10-2910: 47 Source: City Location Tianyuan Cultivars (Future Science and Technology City Qian Xue Sen Road and Culture Road Intersection) Traffic Participation Guests can directly navigate to Yuhang District Yuhang Street Qianxiao Road Hangzhou Normal University Future Technology City School, with the meeting The physical version or electronic voucher can be used) from the 1st gate to the campus underground garage, the brightness of the underground transfer area, the temperature measurement, the health code and the trip code are entered into the campus. (The underground garage has the security site to guide the guests to the guests, to the No. 68 Qianxiao Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, entered the auditorium, and participate in the opening ceremony of the annual meeting.

Accommodation in Hangshi (Meiyuan Yueyuan), the guests of the Chengzheng Center Building, 30:00 am to take the bus to the Tianyuan Institute at 8:00 am. Guest traveling guests, can take the service to send the car to Tianyuan University at the Long Shi Dakuka Prefecture (Hangshi Dazheng South Gate), and the departure time is 8:00. Second, Hangzhou Chengdong Venue Activity October 29th to 30th (Friday Saturday), the 11th "Two Award" Review, Urban Problem Forum, 2021 "Discover City Beauty" Forum, the 8th Zhejiang City The governance forum, the famous call and calligraphy written will be held at the Hangzhou Chengjing Center Building (No. 2318 Yuhangtang Road, Future Technology City). △ Hangzhou Chengjing Center Road Tournament Guest Self-driving can be directly navigated to the Hangzhou International Urban Research Center, with "special vehicle card" or "representative certificate" (two options, physical episodes or electronic vouchers can Use it), from Hangshi Dazheng South Gate (High School Road), the temperature is measured, and after entering the health code and the trip code.

Vehicles are parked underground parking in the Urban Research Center.

Take public transport people, you can take Metro Line 5 to Hangzhou Dagang, former subway station, with "Representative" (physical version or electronic voucher can be used) from Hangshi Dazheng South Gate (High School Road), After the temperature, the health code and the trip code are exhibited.

About 400 meters from the road to the city research center building. △ Hangzhou Chengjing Center Real map 3, during the annual meeting, the organizing committee unified arrangements for the feature of the Hangzheng dish, and see the conference guide.

Fourth, the epidemic prevention and control According to the relevant requirements of the provincial epidemic prevention and control work, experts, representatives, online participation in the high-risk area of ??the epidemic.

During the annual meeting, participants need to cooperate with the meeting, 2 yards (health code + 14 days munction code), body temperature measurement, etc.

Wear a mask. Hangzhou Chengzheng Center Building 1st Floor, Tianyuan University Grand Auditorium, set the site nucleic acid detection point, providing services for those who need nucleic acid detection.

(China) Urban Academic Year Orchestra Organizing Committee October 28, 2021 Author: Editor: Chen Junan.