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Han is listening to this,It is also very unbelievable look at Han Shanshan.。

“You said, but the truth?”
“Um,should be,Although there is no evidence,But I can feel it.,There is also a secret connector tag 啥。”
Han Shanshan is also a little dare not,But I will appear in Chen Beixi.,She feels that the other party should be addictive.。
“I see,Simple, my child, a woman, a woman, has a hobby,But what can’t touch,What can touch,The management of the family is absolutely stricter.,May be his road to walk,But you can rest assured,Originally, I felt that he was talented.,If it is just a bit bad habits,Can accept,At least you will not be too bad。”
“But this kind of addict is what I can’t tolerate.,I won’t fune over my daughter’s happiness in such a person’s hand.,You just need to make this polite today.,The rest is not needed to have a horse。”
I heard Han in this way.,Han Shanshan is also moving。
“I will know that the old father can’t hurt me.。”
“Hey-hey,Prepare it.,The other party should come soon.。”
Han Shanshan listened to this and directly entered his boudoir.。
And the Korean is sighing。
He knows what he does what this decision does it means to Han.,But for your own daughter,He feels that everything is worth it.。
Dao, he to withdraw from the Korean,The other party wants to find trouble,I will not involve the Korean?。
I immediately said the other party’s things and intended to talk to Bai Xiaoyue.。
I learned that Chen Beidi is an addict.,Bai Xiaoyue is naturally a strong opposition。
Just think of the company who wants to fight for so many years,There are also those industries of Korea,Her heart is also some dismisive。
“husband,You said that I took out the Korean to withdraw from the Korean.,But where we go after you quit?
we are young,I can’t always do anything.?”
“Hey-hey,Dongshan again,We will start again from the beginning.,And we exited Han family alone,But this belt is still to bring。”
Han is working in this decision,I have already thought about it.。
“alright,Since you have said so,Then we handle all everything before the other side.,Exemption from night long dreams。”
“Um,But the other party will come soon.,We should have a courtesy.。”
Bai Xiaoyue listened to this and nodded and dressed up.。
South Korea is the reason to let the butler notify the kitchen to prepare lunch.,Have a little rich。
Chen Beiji has been sleeping until nine o’clock in the morning.,Look at the people around you,He also couldn’t help but happy again.。
Ten minutes later,He has some satisfying clothes,Then take the gift straight to the Korean。
Seeing Han in the early morning, people waiting for him.,He is also very satisfied with this attitude.。
Of course, a Korean is still not placed in the eyes.,He is most concerned about Han Shanshan is not at home。
“Han Shu,Shanshan is at home??”
Looking at Chen Beibei, polite style,There is also a smile,It is difficult to let people think about any bad level。
If it is not Han Shanshan, the other party is addictive,Han is definitely will not believe that Chen Bei is extremely unbearable in front of him.。
“at home,at home,I will call him for a while.,Let’s take a while.。”
soon,Chen Beiji also followed from Han to be in the main hall。