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“Duke,You listened to me clearly,Once this happens,,You and I have to get out,Don’t expect anyone to help you“When Minister Wang said this,,So angry that the muscles on his face trembled。

Deputy Minister Zhang,Yelled at Duke with his fingers:“You are a fool,Venture Group It is the leading enterprise in Bucheon City,Without real evidence,Dare to report that people are evading taxes,And this take-off newspaper,Propaganda Department ordered to close early,Why is it still open?Are you qualified??This matter is yours”
Duke opened his mouth,Disapprovingly:“There are too many unqualified newspapers,It’s not a takeoff family”
Minister Wang was so angry that he shook his head and said:“it is good!You are so right,Minister Zhang!Work in the afternoon,Immediately hold a meeting of cadres above the department level”Slam the door and leave。
Wang Lin sees it,Say hello to Minister Zhang,Hurry downstairs。
Xia Jian was taken to the police station,Two police officers who brought him,Take notes,Threw him aside,Go to other things。
Rare to stop,Since it came in,You have to think about it,Can be considered a short vacation for myself,Xia Jian thought of this,Extremely relaxed。
It might be lunch time,Very few people in the police station,Xia Jian leaned on the bench to take a rest,I didn’t expect this to fall asleep。
I do not know how long it has been,Someone pushed him and said:“Wake up!Time to go back”
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Xia Jian rubbed his eyes,Seeing Fang Fang smiling at him。