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“Hey-hey,Anger,Out of order to make money,Not to be angry with them,I have made money.。”

I heard the other party,Li Hui is also silently nod.。
“Row,Then you stay.,I will make you twenty people, I will take you to find the boss.。”
“Hey-hey,Little brother,I also have a part of our village.,About five or six,Do you want me to try it??”
Li Hui, listen to this,I didn’t say that I didn’t say it.。
Soon, the man directly took out, Nokia, one hundred and five.。
“Old king,Big life,One day, pay for 200,hurry up。”
“Lao Li,Work money one day two hundred,Not tired, don’t know,Anyway, such a high work, I first see,Twenty people,Can’t come?”
Li Huihe listened to the words of the other party to call others,It also feels some funny,The opponent is definitely the contrast.。
Before expressing,A pair of well。
But it is also very confident when you call others.,For such a person, Li’s wind is not from the autonomy, it is also a good time.。
After all, the other party’s self-confidence is based on him.,That is to say, the other party believes in this matter of the money to open two hundred dollars.。
From the end of the head, there is no such partner who follows yourself.,I haven’t doubt what I can’t make it.。
Take this,Li Hui Feng felt that this man is very good.。
really,With the man of the man,Not far away, I also ran a few people.,The other people have a lot of people than the man.,Very obviously is a man who is honest.。
“Old Yang,Are you really very at the 21st day??”
“Hey-hey,Of course it is really good.,I can still lie to you.。”
The man laughed while scratching the head。
“You can get it.,I have been fooled several times.,Still a few people who give you back?。”
“Hey-hey,This time is different.,And this little brother looks at the good people.,You don’t believe it, ask him.,It is the one-day pay for one day.。”
The man of the surname, fingers, fingers, directly, Li Hui Feng。
“Be right,One day two hundred,I am not sure about what job.,But it should not be too tired。”
Li Hui Feng said confident,After all, it should not be very tired in his eyes.。
“Really two hundred days?”
“Really good,I have paid funds in this labor market.,Otherwise I can make me recruit??”
I heard this,Several people immediately started a new invitation to come over。
Soon Li, I have already made people.,Then a group of people rode directly to the place where Yang Tie is。
Yang Tie also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng suddenly found so many people.。
When I learned that Li Hui Feng, the money given one day is two hundred times.,Yang Tie’s face is dark,Directly pull Li Hui to the corner。
“Lee brother,You are dislike you, there is no place to spend, it is still?
You have to spend an area, you can give my brother.,I am not too much money.。”