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“Show Lin Feng?”The blood of the blood is cold:“Not leave ten,Daily day,very good,very good,You actually calculate me。”

“I really can’t think of Lin Feng now has become a fat meat.。”Liu Sheng Dagui face:“Daily day!”Liu Shengzhi is also a cold murder.。
“Dagujun,What should you say??”Blood length,Bring a shilly qi in the tone。
“Distant。”Liu Sheng Dagui faint:“We also have a basement,Lin Feng and his two women in the poison of the fairy tea,I am afraid I still don’t know now.。”
“Ha ha,it is good!”The heirlooms were gathered in the middle of the words.,He has emerged on a strange blood mist:“Let it go,We should also go,This baby is very much,I have to go all out.。”
“Let it go。”Liu Sheng, he wrote his figure, along the mountain road.。
Liu Sheng Dago and the blood of the two people disappeared in the fog,Ten minutes later,This mountain came up with a melodious bell.。
Like the morning drum,Running between mountains,A hill path to the top of the mountain,There is a community on the top of the mountain,A red lantern is hung at the entrance of the college,The lantern painted a figure,Both is the figure of the martial arts,An ancient murals are portrayed on the wall。
Family, like it is to come to the ancient mountain manor。
There is a huge plaque on the door.,The top of the plaque is engraved with three big words.。
Feixian Pavilion is a huge auction house,There are branches here in China’s major regions.,There are many overseas.,Behind the flying fairy cabinet is a mysterious great force,This big power is extremely horrible,Rummage has the power of the China Political Bureau。
Some people gathered in the door of Fei Xiange,Lin Feng,Night cold,Belle,Liu Shengzi,Bloody sky,Everyone in the day is here.,Plus a hundred people,Lin Feng looked at Fei Fairy Pavilion,Then the heart did not come by the trembling。
“what happened?”Beckham saw that Lin Feng’s strangeness asked。
NS224chapter Heart god
“I am fine.,Just feel that the heart is not,Suddenly fierce。”Lin Feng frowned:“I don’t know how to do it.,You first wait,I am going to call a call.。”
“Um!”Night cold,Two women in Bai Xueyin nodded。
Lin Feng immediately went away along the wall,Gradually departing everyone’s sight,Lin Feng directly dials the phone of the yellow wind.,The voice of the yellow wind and rain:“Boy,How to make a phone call?”
“I want two uncles.。”Lin Feng deeply breathed a mouthful of airway:“There is no thing on the other side.?”
“It’s alright。”Huang Fengyu grinned:“What can I do?,I just came back from your home.,Get a few glasses of wine with your father。”
“Nothing?”Lin Feng suspected:“To the big brother?”
“Nothing,I said what happened.?Your kid has problems today?”Huang Fengyu。
“have no idea,Suddenly I feel,I am most worried about my hometown.。”Lin Feng sighed a gap:“All right,Nothing,Second, you are careful,I have received more people recently.。”
“More sinners?What’s the meaning?”Yellow windy laughs。
“I am now in Donghai,When the University of Donghai, the Qing Han was injured by Shenlong.,Attempt to humiliate the cold,This is called Wei Tongtian,A group of people,The cold is almost humiliated,So I gave this to the ground.。”Lin Feng simply explained the following。
“Little cold is fine.?”Huang Fengwei Wen Yan,After all, the cold is the daughter of his old boss.,And the night is cold, it is under his old,The relationship is also good。
“I have something wrong at a little later.。”Lin Feng Road。
“Little cold is fine.,Your good,Maple,This is the priest of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”Yellow windy laughs:“I actually hit the gods of Shenlong.。”
“I also done an old old age.。”Lin Feng Road。
“what?Elder?Martial art?”Huang Fengyu heard the voice,It’s more serious than those who go to the East China Sea.,What’s more on the site of people?。
“good,Kill one。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Your kid……I have served,Shenlong teaches you to cut you?”Huang Fengyu heard the martial art,What can he say?,Lin Feng is more and more surpassing his imagination.。
“They don’t dare to temporarily,The life of Taoism is controlled by me.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“So the old legs are the weakest,I am worried about my hometown.。”
“fine,Let’s do it with confidence.,My hometown has me protection here.。”Yellow windy laughs:“I am also a master of half-step martial arts.,I will go there soon.。”
“Um,You are also careful,I will give four old calls right away.,Go to the two。”Lin Feng nodded。
“Ok,Be careful。”Yellow windy laughs:“Peace of mind,It’s fine。”I immediately hang up the phone.。
Lin Feng then gives Liu Wei,Four old calls,Mu Fenglong,Cheng Guan,Xu Wenqiang,Big flying and other people call,All say nothing,Well,Let Lin Feng peace of mind,Lin Feng, this is peaceful,That kind of heart god is a lot of disappears。