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First2334chapter misunderstanding
It took a morning,Xia Jian and Gu Yue came out of the city criminal police team,They are to cooperate with the police in handling the case。
Happily,Chen Sanyi’s group was picked up by the police。It is said that when the police rushed in to arrest people,Chen San including his men are still sleeping。They didn’t even know that Xia Jian dug a hole in the bathroom and ran away with Gu Yue.。
Chen San confessed to the kidnapping of Gu Yue,This incident was accidentally said by the policeman handling the case。Because Chen San was caught,So Xia Jian and Gu Yue also got their phones。
Chen Changlong brought a car of security to pick up Gu Yue,But when I saw Xia Jian,The expression on his face has obviously changed。
Xia Jian didn’t bother to look at this person’s face,He didn’t say hello to Gu Changlong,Stopped a car directly on the side of the road,Li didn’t care about Gu Yue,Went back to the hotel。
The car is halfway,The phone in Xia Jian’s pocket rang,Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,Gu Yue called,After thinking about it, he got connected。
“Sorry Xia Jian!I didn’t expect it to be like this,Thank you so much”Gu Changlong’s slightly old voice came over the phone。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s nothing!You still check,How did Chen San know the news of Gu Yue’s return??”
“Thanks for reminding,I must investigate this matter,Not only to check,But also to investigate”Gu Changlong on the phone gritted his teeth and said。
Xia Jian dealt with a few words,Hung up。He hates such rich people who look down on others,If it wasn’t for him,His relationship with Gu Yue may not be as embarrassing as it is currently。
Back to hotel,Xia Jian went to knock on Guan Tingna’s door,Found out that she was not in the room。So he wanted to call Guan Tingna,But if I think about it, forget it。