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Finish,Jiang Taisheng played a phone call,Then I wash my hands into the house.,Wash the dagger,I don’t ask if I don’t ask Li Hui with the wind.。

“Grandfather,That person is not sinful。”
“hehe,Xiao Li,Have you heard of persuade people?,The words of the thunder?
How do you know that he is not sin??”
Li Huihe hesitated:“His body is not murderous,Not dead。”
I heard this,Jiang Taifang is also a glimpse,Turn the light flashing,Laugh:“I just said that your kid has talents.,Can you see the murderous,Dead,Sure enough, I will not have the enemy for a long time.。”
“Can I say that he has learned to cover these??
you were tricked。”
“sometimes,It is not true that your eyes see is true.。”
Li Hui Feng is a word for Jiang Taiyi,Not much to say,But his heart is a hot alert to Jiang Tai life.。
Originally, he always thought that Jiang Tai is an amiable elder.。
But today, this scene is completely subverting his awareness of Jiang Taiyi.。
Especially the last one of the other parties,Calm after completing,More proves that the other side has done these things more than one time.。
And it has been skillfully to connect to the extent to which the jump is not accelerated.,Don’t say the thousand hammer, I will do it, I don’t blink.。
He looked at ginger too,Sure enough, there is no murderous and dead.,However, the deadness of the opponent Huto is now.,This makes him understand that the other party is really there.。
Thinking of this time I have to go to a back to die.,Li Hui also feels too cautious.。
People will die,He knows。
Very obvious that Jiang Tai should have no thinking of his mind at this time.,Just simple want to help him。
“Grandfather,I remember,However, you just said that I have lost the martial art.?
Don’t I accept them??”
Li Hui’s words directly gave Jiang Tan.。
“hehe,You don’t provoke them,Do they not provoke you??
Many things I can’t tell you now.,But your path is not simple.。”
Chapter 1222 Sometimes good is also a kind of crime
Li Hui said by Jiang Taiyi.。
“Why do they provoke me??”
Unless you are willing to be mediocre for a lifetime,But you are now this realm.,Upper party meeting,Early and evening will be stared,Once you are kind,Then they will feel you with hungry wolves.。”
“Sometimes good is also a kind of crime,Don’t understand?”
This is the words of Jiang Taiyi,Li Hui is like understanding。
soon,Jiang Taiyi is another phone,Then it is a special car transfer。
As for the dead in the house,Li Hui Feng did not ask more,Jiang Taisheng has not said more,But he understands that Jiang Tai will definitely handle it.。
Otherwise it will not be so calm.。
Originally, Li Hui is thinking that it is going to fly and go to the city.,But let him not think of it is actually bus。
And the kind of passenger car that is constantly reversing in the middle。
“Grandfather,When do we have it to come?,Still a plane!”
“Hey-hey,Let’s take a bus.,Because I have to teach you on this way, I have to get truth among the practice.。”