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However, the golden light circulates on the surface of the five ancient swords,There are also dozens of golden strings in series,Faintly echo each other,Like the five fingers of a palm,One paw。

Self-created method of using magic weapon—Wuzhishan!
The peaks turned into by a pair of hammers only blocked for half an instant,Directly crushed by Wuzhishan。
The burly warrior’s complexion changed drastically,Feet on the ground,The body jumps back quickly。
“boom~”Five-handed ancient sword combination,Form a force of grip and restraint,Acting on the burly warrior。
Five ancient swords are slightly combined,Form a space cutting force,The burly warrior was directly turned into blood mist by this blow。
“This strength finally stabilized!”Li Ming sighed,“Half a year,His strength is like a rocket,Leap directly from the seventh-level constant star to the third-level universe,Single gene force、Mental power has increased hundreds of times。
And the perception of the origin of the law,Li Ming also improved the score。
Under the combination of the two,Li Ming can even barely use the sixth stage of Yan Shenbing【World of swords】Up。But the world of swords barely formed,It’s really not as good as this Wuzhishan。
“Babata,What about my trick!”
“Don’t you just want me to praise you!”Babata rolled his eyes。“How old,Do you think you are the little guy Luo Feng。”
“Cough!”Li Ming pretended to cough,Cover up his embarrassment,“Babata,You said you are trying to get me into the core layer of the virtual universe company,How is it working?!”
“What is operation?You thought it was the back door!That is your current strength and potential absolutely meet their core standards,I can think of a way!”Babata said very proudly:“Of course, thanks to my extensive network of Babata-sama,Lu Ziye,Think of a way to help you reach a big man。This big man has the power to recommend super geniuses to virtual universe companies。”
“Babata!”Li Ming’s tone is a bit weird:“You a smart life,Where are the connections??And listen to you,How does it feel like a liar?I’m not asking100Ten thousand universe coins go over!”
“You think too much。”Babata:“No kidding,Do you remember the Lord Man Luo in the killing fields??”