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He is really selling.,For the harmonious life between husband and wife,He is often more than others。

Ning Feifei gradually struggled,I still laugh at him.,Even if the husband’s eyebrow is stunning cold,She still strongly said:“husband,Be appropriate to make some,After the future, I will continue to continue.。”
Oh!”Ou Jing is like a laugh and laughing.,“You are worried about my physical strength,Then I will let you experience what is ice and fire.,Make you a child。”
Ou Jingli glanced at her still call。
Ning Feifei:“……”
He went on the phone,Pull up Ning Feifei back,Only around the bathrobe,The back is smooth and powerful。
Ningfifei to see the water,This skin she experienced,Hand feel good,It can also be faintly appreciated that some passion left scratches。
Ning Feifei is red in an instant,Those masterpieces are left,She is low, I don’t dare to enjoy the beauty of my eyes.。
Ou Jing, took his mobile phone to the Lu Haocheng。
After Ning Feifei, I realized that things were somewhat serious. ,She will not even be a blue blue?Do not,It seems that it has been tired of blue。
woo woo woo woo……Blue,I’m sorry!
“Hey!”Lu Haozheng batches,I found my wife gone.,Be depressed?
European blind smile:“Your wife runs?”
Lu Haozheng language is gloomy:“how do you know?”
European Jingyi is a bit of a born,Naturally, I will not say a masterpiece of my wife.,Lu Haozheng This person is a named revenge.。
“I just know it,You go out now,Maybe it’s also。”
I heard this,Ning Feifei is nervous and uncomfortable,Finish,She harms the blue blue。
She is nervous, kicking a foot leg of the European。
Ou Jingli passed away from her angry little face。
Ning Feifei is a bit more,I don’t dare to see Ou Jing.。
Plan failure,She really wants to have a halo.。
Ou Jing hangs,Life to the sofa to the sofa。
Turn around,Looking at the uneasy Ning Feifei,Handsome handsome glance in a bit of a bit of night,Sound line:“Your idea?”
Ning Feifei knows him is angry,In that pair of abyss-like eyes,She nod honestly。
Ou Jing, grabbed a big bit of the force on her arm。
Ning Feifeton’s nervous brain is blank,For Ocera,,Whether it is life,Still a couple,He has always wanted to do it best。
This is not,Occasionally he will bring her two people.,But the waist of the European, is really not a general man.。She likes it very much.,It is also very scared。
NS1983chapter Your idea
Ning Feifei’s opening of Baba:“Yes……Is my master……Notice,It doesn’t matter to blue and blue,European,How can you be so despicable??How can you tell Luhao Cheng??Don’t you afraid of their husband and wife quarrel??”
Ou Jing, put her in a soft big bed,Bullying。