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Many hackers start with cracking passwords!

Rather, decrypting passwords has become an important course. What I want to talk about today is not how to crack passwords, but the last psychological article about passwords!

If some of the examples are exactly the same as your password settings, then please change it immediately, your password may be cracked very much!

The first thing to explain is that many password protection methods are used because of the root cause. When his password is set, the detection program will automatically prompt for other insecurity until ROOT is changed to a password without rules.

So it is a waste of time to analyze these passwords with cryptographic psychology!

Our main target is for some ordinary users!

When we set a password, most people will use words they are familiar with, which will make them easy to remember!

No way, people are born lazy!

Then some words are the ones they can easily remember!

Is it irregular?


We can do a psychological test!

The experiment was like this. I took a hundred students from the university and asked them to write two words!

And tell them that this word is a password for a computer is very important, and the usage rate in the future is also very high!

Ask them to try to think carefully!


Let’s analyze the test results!

  1. Most people use their own Chinese Pinyin.

37 people told us that password cracking dictionary files should be targeted at China’s special!

Use a dictionary file with some Chinese names and pinyin!

Such as: wanghai, zhangli, shenqin, etc.!

  2. Use 23 common English words. Many of them use words with very specific meanings, such as: hello, good, happy, anything, and so on!

  3, use the words that often appear in the computer, 18 people, these words also have operating system commands, such as: system, command, copy, hard disk, mouse, etc.!

  4, 7 people with their own date of birth, the year, month and day are different!

But 3 of them used the common Chinese date representation method!

Such as 970203, 199703.

050498 Wait!

In the above test, 21 people had the same two words, and 33 people were close to the same!

Although some people use them, I have not classified them, but they are still regular!

I hope the above psychological test can give you a hint of decryption!

And don’t use the law of violence blindly!