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Windy in spring should prevent mouth and eyes from skewing

Windy in spring should prevent mouth and eyes from skewing

The wind of spring is “wind”.

Spring is blooming, people go out of their homes to play in the suburbs, and they are very vulnerable to “wind evil”.

  Eye protection in spring should be sheltered from the wind One of the big enemies that spring eye protection should deal with is “wind evil”.

  The air of spring is “wind”, and the most common manifestation after being invaded by wind evils is skewed eyes and mouths, that is, facial paralysis caused by “outer wind”.

The temperature difference between morning and evening in spring is large, and the complications of patients with skewed mouth and eyes caused by near-cold cold invasion. Most of these facial paralysis can return to normal after treatment.

Such patients are not only more common in weaker people, but also occur in middle-aged and middle-aged adults who are overworked and not rested enough.

Covering autumn and freezing in spring, keeping warm and cold, improving your immunity, and walking away from the blast are very important to resist the “outer wind”.

  Another type of multiple eye diseases in spring is allergic diseases, which TCM believes is also caused by “wind evil”.

In the spring, the microorganisms are active and the vegetation is flourishing. Accidental contact with the human body can cause inflammation such as conjunctivitis and keratitis.

It is recommended that people with a history of this type of disease should avoid allergens when they are green this season, do not rely on trees too close, pollen in the wind, and turn their eyes to avoid when dust.

  Eye-catching anti-myopia, kite flying kite warm breeze is preferred, in spring is a good time for kite flying.

If adolescents and children want to adjust the eye muscles and prevent the formation of myopia, the first choice is kite flying.

In fact, it’s not that the kite flying has a targeted effect, but this outdoor activity can help stretch the physiology and help children try to look higher and farther.

  The occurrence of myopia is caused by excessive myopia and long-term use of the eye, which causes the eyelash muscles to be inseparable, while flying a kite allows children to extend their sight to high places, naturally adjust the eye muscles and help them relax.
The myopia rate of urban children is much higher than that of rural children, because they have far less near-field vision exchange than rural children, so they cannot maintain the flexibility of the intraocular regulating muscles.

Children’s indoor activities are basically near sight, so be sure to look for opportunities.

  In addition to telephoto, Wanglu also has a great benefit for the prevention of myopia.

It is understood that human eyes are most afraid of ultraviolet rays, swimming without sunglasses, or being exposed to snow for too long a time, will cause vision damage; white and red light will also irritate the eyes, indoor lights, especially computers, game consoles, televisionsScreens can cause damage to the retina.

But nature’s green is just the opposite. Instead of being harmful to human eyes, it is great for assisting vision recovery and eye rest.

It is very suitable for human viewing.

Spring is just at the time of growth and growth. In leisure, go to grasslands, hillsides, forest parks and other places. Everywhere you go is full of fresh green, eye-catching and heart-pleasing.