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Lin Yang was about to reach him when Lin Feng,I started to tremble。

At last,Actually stammered:
“forest,Lin Feng,you,What are you doing?I,I can tell you,This is my home,This,So many people are watching?Don’t mess around!”
The way Lin Feng looked at Lin Yang,A look of contempt immediately appeared on his face,The patriarch of the Lin family in a dignified provincial capital,It’s so hopeless。
and so,suddenly,Lin Feng stopped one step he wanted to keep going,Said to Lin Yang contemptuously:
“Lin Yang,I did not expect that,You are such a hopeless person。Lin,Sooner or later I will lose in your hands。”
“As for the industry of the Lin Family in Yunshi,you’re good too,Okay with your two brothers,Don’t even think about the idea of hitting the Lin Family Industry in Yun City。”
“There is mine,Is left to me by my father,Lin Yang,There is a word,I don’t know if you have heard,It’s called being a person and staying a line,See you later。”
“The Lin family in Yun City was given to me by my father when he was alive,That has nothing to do with you,and so,Don’t hit the Lin family in Yunshi anymore。”
“I,Won’t give the Lin family’s estate to anyone。and,The Lin family now is not something you can eat。”
“Chunlan may not have made it clear to you just now,A few days ago, Qiao Shan not only used to apologize to Xiao Fan from our Lin family,And also sent a gift。”
“Do you know what an apologize is??It was Qiao Shan who gave us all of the Lin’s property from the Qiao family,You want to swallow now,I’m afraid you don’t have the appetite to swallow it now。”
“you,Good for oneself!We won’t accompany us!”