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Lin Yuna“Humph”With a,Turned his head,She doesn’t want to see these nominal uncles at a glance。

Who expected Lin Hai to be reluctant at the moment,He looked at Xiao Fan, who was always with Lin Yuner,Said contemptuously:“this,I’m afraid it’s the poor son-in-law you are looking for!Lin Feng,I’m not talking about you,I didn’t say anything,Can’t you find a decent son-in-law??How about,Not a family,Do not enter a house,You guys,Really a perfect match!”
Chapter Fifty-Five Deceive too much
Lin Feng is now panting with anger,He doesn’t even have the strength to point at Lin Hai now。
Although he really wants to defend Xiao Fan,,But I think about it many times,But it’s really impossible to talk about。
Although Xiao Fan is very motivated recently,Also satisfied him,But after all, he can’t show his specific actions,And he is only working as a security guard in Lin’s company.!
Lin Feng who looked at Xiao Fan involuntarily sighed。
Don’t think about someone else’s son-in-law,Just say that Lin Hai’s son-in-law is quite famous in the provincial capital,My son-in-law,I really can’t compare it with others。
Lin Hai’s eyes are always on Lin Feng’s body,So Lin Feng’s expression changed at this moment,He saw it clearly。
Lin Hai sneered,Even more ruthlessly said to Lin Feng:“Lin Feng,Because your surname is Lin,I also kindly advise you,You,I want to open some,You are useless,Your son-in-law is also useless,So you don’t have to laugh at anyone,That’s great,is not it?”
Although the other uncles didn’t speak,But after listening to Lin Hai,Also laughed out of nowhere。
This laughter is undoubtedly hitting Lin Feng’s face。
Lin Feng’s face turned pale for a while,But I can’t say anything。
Liu Chunlan had already changed his attitude towards Xiao Fan during this period,But in the face of other Lin family members’ ridicule of their own family members, they all come from this kind of uselessness.,He also looked at Xiao Fan extremely bitterly。
If it wasn’t for Liu Chunlan just pulling,Lin Yoona was about to break out just now,Now seeing my family being bullied by others,Can’t bear to say anything。
Roar loudly:“All right,Stop talking,Uncle,Anyway, your surname is Lin,You and my dad have the same father,Why do you have to say something so bad?”