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Massim·Verhagen let out a long sigh,not talking anymore。

right now,He regrets,If I didn’t try my best to get on the horseF70aircraft,Maybe there will be no trouble right now?
Although Fokker has not reached any agreement with Chen Geng,But Fokker and Rolls·How deeply involved is Royce’s interests,I’m an old man who has worked together for decades,and so,In a very short time,Rolls·Royce knew that Chen Geng went to Fokker to dig his own corner。
At the moment of learning the news,Rolls·Royce almost exploded!
You go to dig our corner in the Gulfstream Company,Go to dig our corners at Allison Power and Embraer,Now you went to Fokker to dig our corner again?
You fucking never end, right??!
Rolls·Royce’s entire senior management was quite frustrated!
Speaking of,Not to blame Rawls·Royce frustrated,I want to……Don’t think about it,It’s only been a few years,Your COMAC“tay”Series engines andRB211Series engine or our Rolls·Royce taught you how,Not that,We Rawls·Royce taught you all、Help you improve“tay”Series engine,I will help you all now“tay”The maximum takeoff thrust of the series engines has been increased to100KNLevel up,Good now,I just taught you this apprentice,You shameless guy started smashing the master’s bowl of rice?!
But what happened next to Rawls·Royce vividly showed what is Fu Bu Shuang Jiang、Misfortune never comes singly:Simon·Robertson、Patrick·Hogan and others Rawls·Royce’s executives are furious、When preparing to retaliate against Chen Geng,,Allison Power seems to intend to sell its aero engine business to Fernandez·Chen’s coming again……
This is really bad!