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Just arrived at the hotel,Li Hui Feng found that the hotel business seems to be more hot than before.。

And more than one waiter。
Liu Xiangjie saw Li Hui with the wind,Also happy to welcome,When she saw Songshimin, she only felt familiar,But I didn’t think too much.。
“breeze,How did you come??
I have done it to you at noon.,Then you have not come,Those dishes let others have done,You can’t blame your sister.。”
When I said this,Willow sweet is also a playful blinking。
Although just blinking,But in other people, it is another thing.。
This is good,Beautiful willow sweet, this action, hit a feeling of hooks。
Even Shen Tian Si is thinking that it is a man who got a wind.,This moment is a bit dry tongue.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Liu Xu sweet will engage in these small actions.。
“Hey-hey,Sweet sister,Don’t blink me,I blink my soul is taken away by you.。”
“Gill you, this mouth, I’m really meeting,My sister likes,Say,what do you want to eat,I let the chef people kitten your cings.。”
Willow, this is also let Li speak with the wind.。
“We have more chefs here.?”
“Yup,Recent business is hot,The chef is long, a person is busy.,I must hire other chefs.?”
Li Hui’s table looks at the table in the hall,It is also a laugh:“Congratulations on sweet sweet sister,It will become a female rich woman soon.。”
It was ridiculous by Li Hui’s wind.,Liu Xu is also directly giving Li Hui Feng a big white eye.。
“screw you,Less and sister come to this set,Say,what do you want to eat,The room has been left to you.。”
“Hey-hey,That is certainly a sign,I made people sent a nice.?”
Li Hui Feng today is mainly to take Songmin people to taste field rats.,As for other vegetables, he feels that Songminmin can eat like the county.。
Only the character of the Lotus Village。
“no,That is definitely a good thing to do.,You have not come,How do I dare to let the chef give you,But I sent four,Will you eat??”
“Hey-hey,Finish,Baked two,The other two directly do two flavors.。”
“alright,Both room or your favorite place,I will not take you.,Some of this。”
I heard the willows,Li Hui Feng also took several people to the private room.。
Chapter 111
Just entered the private room,Miao Xiaoxue is also coming in,Then quickly give tea pouring water。
Since the new waiter in the store,Miao Xiaoxue also felt the pressure of competition。
What kind of thing before, she is not dry.,Just do you have to see your mood.,But now she is 100% dares to see my feelings.。
She also knows some things.,Especially when I learned that Li Hui really had a leg with the boss.,Her heart suddenly can’t say it.。
It is like her optimistic thing.。
This makes her some dissatisfaction。
Especially thinking that Li Hui’s scene is in the hotel.,That moment she feels,It’s so unbearable that the little chef’s flowers before the realistic。
Every time I think of the key moment, the little chef puts her out.,And Li Hui Feng is a look in her.,Her heart has inexplicably。
But after a long time, she has been suppressed.。
After all, the boss is taking a ripe peach.,She is green apple。
Don’t think she knows what the man will like?。
But she still wants to create a chance to stay with Li Hui Feng.。
Even if a silk is。
Li Hui Feng does not know these,He just felt that Miao Xiaoxue seems to work hard than before.。