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She will do their best to cherish the man in front of him.。

Thank you for all years to do everything for her.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the smile of the heart,I can’t help but hook the lips:“Blue,I know,You can’t forget me.,But this thing is not anxious.,Let’s go in。”
Lu Haocheng walked over,Anned doorbell。
Lin Dami listened to the doorbell,I am happy to open the door.。
Gu grandmother sitting in the living room watching TV,Look at her action,That old flower mirror,A pair of algorithms,I am not smooth, staring at Lin Demon。
She whispered to Gu Yi in the side:“岑 岑,What is your mother?,I personally cook cook,She married our family for decades.,In addition to cooking for her daughter,I didn’t give me this old woman.。
Rate,Kid in the boy,Do you have her heart??”
Gu Yimei Yuli,Although this Lin Daiyi has a strong personality,Some,But as a daughter-in-law of the family,Compared to those fascinating gum,She is still more satisfied。
Gu Yi smiled:“grandmother,It’s a girlfriend.,A become a big busy,Mom personally kitou。”
Gu Yi Lin listened to the explanation of his own big brother,Suddenly I found a lot of big brothers.,There is no previous impulse。
If,He will definitely pull out a sentence,“grandmother,That is my mother’s daughter。”
Big brother is straightforward,More than a little bit like a mother。
this time,not bad!Gu Yi Lin is satisfied with the hook corner。
Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin come in。
Blue is softly called。
“Blue,come on in。”
Lin Dami looked at the daughter,Be extremely happy,Let her have a sad,Her daughter came back since left,It turned out to be back in this way.。
“Gu Boyu。”
Lu Haicheng called a sound。
“Ah Cheng,thank you!come on in。”
At this time,Gu Xihong also left,“Blue。”
Blue Xin called a sound。
Gu Xiandai has always looked at Blue Xin them.,Seeing that they are very harmonious。
“Bamboo,Lin Lin,Is my old eye??
How do I look at your mother is like the girl’s daughter.。”
Gu’s grandmother feels incredible,Have to say,This alwayss the Lin Demon, who is not dealtling.,Never deal with her words less than three sentences。
Don’t mention this smile and talk to yourself.。
Gu Yi Lin smiled:“grandmother,Mom has changed many now,Didn’t you find it??”
Take care of your grandmother,The look is quite ugly,Why didn’t she feel it?。
At this time,Lu Haocheng has already walked from Blue Xin to Gu’s milk.。
Blue Xin nodded toward Gu Yi Lin and Gu Yi。
Lu Haocheng looked at the grandmother,Seeing her still screaming,He smiled:“grandmother,you are back。”
Take care of your grandmother,Brow,“Ah!Small orange,You are more and more robust.。”
Loving voice,As you have seen your own grandson。
Blue Xin suddenly looked at Lu Haozheng,“Small orange”,Is this his breast name??