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It has always been linked to a few dogs.、I want to touch the little boy who is biting and I have seen the group.,The group is much more than the big dog,It seems that there is no aggressiveness,So he immediately thought about the idea of catching a group.,Just pulled by his mother.。

“Don’t touch……”
Xianshu and Xiaobai put down a few more。
After all, Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge look still not big.,Nan Ge is another girl,And they have a good look,Integrate,The probability of having a bad mockup for their prostitutes is actually very low.。
Then they saw the stalks……
Be wary directly from zero。
Chapter 56 Altman in the mountain village
“This is Nan Ge、槐,There is also a kitten of Zhouzhi and Nange,Group of people。”Zheng Yuki introduced,“Nan Ge, this is my little uncle Xiaoxi and my brother.,Call Zheng Yuhao,Look at me。”
“Uncle aunt。”Nan Ge shouted。
“good evening。”槐。
“Meow~~”The group is over。
“Hello you are good.……豪 姐。”Xiaoyang quickly bowed to urge little boy。
“My brother!You are so beautiful!”Little boy looks up at Nan Ge and sequence,Looking down at the group,“Is this your cat??”
“Is an honest good child!”Nan Ge said。
“Picked。”槐 序。
“喵 喵!!”Group。
“So far, you still run to see the blue blue,Road is not good,You are really heart,Blue blue, you have a few friends.。”Xiao Yu tightly pulled Zheng Yuhao who always wanted to touch the group,After saying that she is curious to see Xiao Zheng girl,“How do you know it??”
“How to know……”
Xiao Zheng girl who did not want to lie to twisted his head。
Nango, who disdain, lie, also gave a moment。
序 表 表 滞 外 外 天 天 天,If the god is in the cloud, if there is a hidden。
Groups and Zheng Yuhao,Gradually a small head,A pair of big eyes bright crystalline,Also shake the tail,Seduce。
Zhouzhi left and right,Forced opening“Talk long,Three of us are classmates,At that time,We just want to go out to play,Yancheng has no play,I came to Mount Mountain.,As a result, I didn’t know where I was playing on the mountain.,Look at navigation, I know that I have already left the scenic spot.。But we will be young.,God is not afraid of nothing,Looking at the scenery is getting better and better,The sure is going up along a small road.,I came to this hill.。”
“That is also!”Xiao Yan surprised。
“you do not say!”Nano nodded。
“Uh huh!”Xiao Zheng girl face slightly red。
“At that time, it was a summer vacation.,Very hot,No one has enough,Mouth,We have a village here.,I plan to drink water.,Just come here。”Zhou Sheng continued,“Later, slowly became good friends.,I also think this is a fate.。”
“Hey-hey……”Nan Ge feels,Gringer。
“Xiaoyi, you can’t say it in advance.,I will give you a good room.。”Xiao Zheng girl quickly moved the topic,Fadiers will stuffing。
“How long does it take to clean up a room?,In the evening, we have cleared it when you go upstairs.。”Xiao 婶 扭 头 看 边 边 天,Ask,“what time is it?Boiled night meals?Xiao Zhou, they ran over, how do you do??”
“Make a mutton tomorrow。”Xiao Zheng girl said。
“Tonight?”Xiao Yan asked。