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How to burn your heart and teach you Chinese medicine typing theory

How to burn your heart to teach you TCM typing theory

Have you ever experienced heartburn and acid reflux in everyday life?

Heartburn is actually a gastrointestinal disease.

That is mainly because the strong acid in the gastric juice flows back into the esophagus, which often causes the erosion and ulcers of the esophageal mucosa, and the feeling of heartburn. So do you know what to do?

The following is to tell you how Chinese medicine is divided into treatments for heartburn. Let’s take a look together.

  TCM classification on treating heartburn 1, main symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat: Burning sensations like burning in the stomach, dry mouth and red lips, five upsets, hot hands, feet, heart, thirst, or noisy like relief,The tongue is red, the moss is dry, and the pulse is few.

  Governing Law: Nourish the stomach yin, sour and sweeten the yin.

  Recipe: Shaoyao Licorice Decoction.

  2, the main symptoms of spleen and stomach dampness: the same burning sensation in the heart, and the stomach is stuffy and uncomfortable, the mouth is dry and sticky, or the acid swallows the rot, the moss is yellow and greasy, and the number of pulses is small.

  Governing Law: Qinghua damp heat.

  Recipe: Yueju Zuojinhuahua.

  3, the main evidence of injuries caused by hot objects: there is a significant history of diet burns, after consciously eating a certain hot substance, the esophagus and stomach area have a burning-like burning sensation, so they are afraid of diet, especially hot foods.Aggravated, moss or white or yellow, pulse string count.

  Governing Law: It can clear throat and urinate, and also has a certain effect on clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Recipe: Yinhua licorice soup with flavor.

  Therapeutic formula 1 for treating heartburn, red adzuki bean paste rice porridge, add red adzuki bean and indica rice with water, simmer for 30 minutes with gentle fire, take 100 ml of juice, and then simmer for another 30 minutes, then pour 100 ml of juice from the jing.

Stir the juice twice.

Warm or cold drinks.

  Indication of mild burning heart in the stomach.

  2, Lily and Winter Melon Soup should replace 20g of dry Lily and Sunflower.

Cut into sections, soak in boiling water for 20 minutes and put it in boiling soup with 50g of melon. It will be good for a while, add salt and taste.

A few drops of sesame oil.

  Indications Mild heartburn in the stomach.

  3, 200g of fresh bitter gourd extracted from vegetarian stir-fry, ready to be shredded.

Soak the tablets with boiling water to remove the bitterness.

Then stir fry in a wok until the nine is mature, and then cook.

Thicken and pour the juice.

  Indications Stomach heat, burning in the stomach, heart troubles.

Indications Mild heartburn in the stomach.
  In addition to being able to treat food, should we pay attention to these problems on a daily basis?

  1. The diet should be regular and not oversaturated and often eat snacks.

Eating too full causes the stomach pressure to be too high. Frequent snacks make the gastric juice constantly produced, which can easily lead to gastric reflux.

Chew carefully during meals.

Reduce food irritation to esophageal mucosa and protect esophageal mucosa.

  2. Drink less carbonated beverages. When the bottle cap is opened, the bubbling beverage will bubble into the stomach, which will cause a rapid increase in gastric pressure and increase in gas, which often causes gas separation and reflux of gastric juice.Bubble drink.

  3. Eat less hard-to-digest foods such as fried foods. Difficult-to-digest foods are prone to delay retention in the stomach, stimulate increased secretion of gastric juice, make gastric pressure at a higher level, and easily cause gastric juice reflux. Such foods should be consumed lessFried food, aunty food, high fiber food.

  4, do not eat before going to bed eating before going to bed will stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric juice.

, And the gastric juice is easy to reflux after sleeping.

Often cause heartburn.

Therefore, eating contradictoryly for half an hour before going to bed, especially not full.  5, eat less sweets eat more sweets.

Easily stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, often cause heartburn, should eat less.