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Beihai Art Design Institute: integration of integration of integration into art professional curriculum teaching

The ideological construction leads the development of talents. Beihai Art Design Academy attaches great importance to the integration of integration education into the school, and fully promotes the implementation of courses in thinking and thinking curriculum. The Institute of Architecture and Environmental Academy continues to strengthen the lead of the red culture, combined with the characteristics of the professional class, based on the actual and aesthetic trend of students, and the ideological and political education resources in the "Landscape Design" of the College Characteristic Courses, let the thinking and government elements Integrate into the artistic professional course, comprehensively carry out professional "courses", which is welcomed by students. Recently, Beihai Art Design Institute has successfully held the opening ceremony of the "Landscape Design and Micro-Sand Table Model Works" in the theme of "Building the Party Centennial Red Culture".

More than 200 pieces of works, the content involves the establishment of a hundred years of history, Guangxi revolutionary history, school change history, looking forward to the future of red cultural themes, contains a strong home country.

From the program panel to the proportional micro shrinkage model, the exhibition work style has both simulation elephants, and artistic concept awareness, form, colorful, very ornamental and infectious.

"As an environmental design professional course in the higher education, the integration of courses in the professional class is not only in the course teaching, but also the corresponding teaching results, the course operation is clearly visible. In the implementation of ‘dissolved in water’, let Course intensive elements are easier to be professors of teachers, more convenient for students. "The teacher of the landscape design course Qi Yuan said.

In this anchor show, a large number of red cultural features and design works for courses. For example, the "Red Bao Shi" presents the brilliant achievements of the founding of the party for a hundred years. "The Ye Yue Yue" shows a magnificent party building history, "a new aircraft heart to the party, all the way, the Ling Yun" expressing a new generation of young people Ideally, "Save Water" has expressed the pride of the new era of Chinese children and braveful! These works have reflected party building through the scale, landscape planning form, the shape of public facilities, the color of garden plants. Process, love the thinking of the motherland, national unity, and traditional virtues. "The results show is both the teaching results of the school to explore the curriculum. It is also a pulse of the" eight exhibition three-play "teaching results series, all report to the party with excellent teaching results.

These works and models show the deep thinking and excellent results in the college in teaching reform and courses.

Teaching teachers adhere to the direction of socialist schools, will ‘build a Cent 100-year red culture’ implant the professional courses of landscape design, and the red theme content of the thinking and politics is always the main line of the students; the course theme is comprehensive and free to explore the personality of the students. Create, adhere to the artistic form language enlightenment education and connotation theme ideological education, constantly excavate the ideological and political education resources contained in the curriculum and teaching methods, and achieve full members, full, all-round. "The school president Lu Xinhua is fully affirmed by the performance of the results exhibition.

Under the promotion of the school, the curriculum is developed by the fire of the stars as the trend of the original. The teaching reform of the courses is increasingly rich, and each college carefully summarizes the new experience in the teaching process of "courses". The new mode, carefully The results of the Curriculum Teaching Advancement Exhibition showed a large number of teaching reform results in a large number of content, exciting, and the theme prominent. Next, the school will be all-round, multi-level, high-quality promotion courses, and gradually form a positive situation in the college, the gates have a boutique, the door has a stunned, class class has a characteristic, and everyone’s reconciliation people. (Zhou Xiaoqi Wen Chunming) (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.